AWS prides itself on its commitment to its customers to be much more than just the company that removes and recycles the waste streams that they produce on a daily basis by offering advice, assistance and collection services across all areas of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste.

From Waste IT Equipment to Waste Contaminated Tanks and Drums, to assessing and rectifying groundwork after major spillages and arranging Interceptor installation, AWS delivers one company, one contact and one relationship and one management team to meet all of your needs.

Waterwash Spray Booth Servicing is yet another example of the multitude of diverse services that can be supplied and managed by AWS and no matter what type of business you are AWS can assist with either advice on containment and disposal, or the collection of redundant equipment for recycling wherever possible.

Add to that Confidential Waste, Site Clearances, Asbestos removal and the supply, or rental of reconditioned Sea Containers delivered to site and we can say without fear of contradiction that AWS has redefined the principal of the “One Stop Shop” and replaced it with Total Waste Management.

If you have a problem Waste Stream, look no further, contact the AWS Team.