In today’s Automotive Sector with increasing volumes of cardboard, packaging and paper being disposed of within Dealerships, Garages & Accident Repair Centres, AWS seeks to minimise and reduce cost wherever possible by utilising its knowledge and experience of recycling.

This can be achieved by carrying out a full no obligation Environmental Survey to establish how current containment can be reviewed and amended to take advantage of reduced rates for waste streams that can be recycled, but it does not stop there.

Any and all changes are monitored over a three month period to establish their suitability and effectiveness in meeting the customer’s needs, with further amendments being made as required to ensure both suitability and sustainability going forward.

With Landfill Tax increasing year on year, can you afford not to take advantage of an AWS no obligation survey that has a proven track record with its current customer base, having made considerable savings at every opportunity?

To learn more please do not hesitate to contact the AWS Team.