Catalytic converters contain precious metals such a Rhodium, Palladium and even when the catalytic converter is replaced the old unit retains these metals and they have a value to you.

AWS will collect catalytic converters ‘cats’ from your locations and apply a unique bar coded serial number to each unit we collect. From that point, the cats can be fully tracked from your service centre to the point of final disposal; with each unit individually graded and verified and with a full suite of management information available to you AWS help you to maintain control of your waste, improve your security and generate a valuable revenue stream that adds directly to your business success.

AWS operate one of the largest and most professional catalytic converter recycling networks in the country and coupled with our other garage services offerings, AWS truly represent a market leading solution for all of your recycling and waste disposal needs.

Whatever quantity of waste catalytic converters that you generate, AWS has a collection schedule to suit your needs, contact us today to find out more about our unique range of services and how they can benefit your business.