With the cost of disposal to landfill increasing year on year it would seem logical to reduce the volumes of waste disposed of in this manner as reduced volumes to landfill means reduced costs to you and a better environment for us all for the future.

Equally regardless of what you pay for the compliant disposal of your Hazardous Waste, you will always pay more for the disposal of General Waste, due to the number of containers historically serving your site, the volume of waste that you send to landfill and quite simply that if you have four containers on site, charged per collection, you will currently pay for four every time the collection vehicle visits your site, no matter how full, or empty each may be.

To assist its customers, AWS now offers a unique no obligation review of Dry Waste volumes, containment, disposal and recycling, which covers not only waste cardboard and paper, but plastics, including Plastic Bumpers, Containers.

Today’s environmental legislation also requires the containment and compliant disposal of plastic containers that have held oil, brake fluid and screen wash as Hazardous Waste and these along with many other types of waste plastics can be contained and collected for recycling within the unique AWS Total Waste Management Programme.

If you would like to know more, please contact the AWS Team.